Making the funeral personal.

Baseball FuneralsIt’s so important to honor your loved one in a way that truly tells the story of the life that has been lived. And at Carrillo Funeral Homes, we offer many different personalization options that do just that.

We can include favorite religious or Mariachi music, create a display of cherished possessions, tools, or other items associated with a special interest or hobby. We often stream the service live through Internet video, so that relatives and friends in Mexico or service people overseas can take part. Many families ask that we produce a tribute video, including family photos from years past set to favorite music. You might consider a release of doves or balloons, special catering services, or the many other choices we offer.

We will honor almost any request. We have even held funeral services at the baseball stadium for a person who was an big fan of the team. We’ve staged a cowboy service, bringing in bales of hay, creating flower arrangements in boots, displaying a saddle and other riding gear.

Just ask about our customized services. We’ll make your loved one’s funeral very, very special.

Serving your family is our greatest honor...

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