Our care for you does not stop when the funeral is over. We have many resources for emotional support, including grief counseling, explaining death to children, and other important topics. Sometimes, a family member needs a bit of extra support in dealing with the passing of a loved one. We can make referrals to support groups and grief counselors, that provide the help they need. During the holiday season, we hold special memorial services for those who have left us during the year. Families find particular comfort in coming together at this time of year, and sharing their memories.

Interactive Grief Support

At Carrillo Funeral Homes, we are here for you before, during and after the funeral. We know how difficult the months and years after losing a loved one can be, and we are here to help. We provide exceptional bereavement resources to the community year round; from a complete grief library to a variety of support groups and special programs focused on aftercare. Losing a loved one is always hard but during holidays, it can be more difficult. We are here for you whenever you need us.

Interactive Grief Support

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