Funeral Memorials

Memories. They live forever.

There are many reasons we have funerals. We need to celebrate the life that has been lived. We need to say goodbye. We need to be accepting the fact that a death has occurred, and gather with family and friends for sympathy and support.

Part of this important process is the memorial service. You might choose to hold one with the loved one present, or after burial or cremation takes place. Best of all, you can hold a service in our chapel, a church, or another place that’s important to you. Add a display of photos, a few of your loved one’s cherished possessions, and other personal touches, and you’ve created a memorable event.

A visitation is another opportunity for people to stop by and offer their support. In a less formal way, without your loved one present, your friends can gather with you to share memories. Trust us to help you make the choice that’s right for you.

Serving your family is our greatest honor...

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